The Angie Haze Project



“A compelling, raw, and theatrical performance with a sound so addicting, you just can't get enough.”

Press / Testimonials

“..."And she was, without question, the best interview of my writing career.... one of the finest all around musicians I have ever met."”

-Thomas R. Jenney PH.D / Ion Indie Magazine 

"The Angie Haze Project displays a quirky versatility that few other bands can match. Lyrically, stylistically, musically, emotionally, this album is a many-faceted gem. But whichever side one observes, Angie Haze’s expressive, exquisite voice intertwines and holds the parts together. Everyone is likely to have their favorites, but there are no weak songs here, only strength upon strength." 

-Jeff Wanser / Buzzard Tracks: Northeast Ohio Music News and Reviews

"I’ll never forget a performance I attended this past spring at the Akron Civic Theater... She captivated the audience. She fostered a swell of emotion and unity."

-Amanda Rabinowitz / WKSU-NPR - Shuffle

"On stage, Angie is a dynamic performer, but what strikes me most is her bravery. When I first heard her sing, 'Gingerbread Man' I was so transfixed I don't think I breathed. The lyrics and the raw emotion combined with her voice are incredible."

-Michelle Mullaly / President & CEO - Canton Symphony Orchestra

"Angie Haze delivered a powerful performance at the Akron Civic Theatre unlike anything I had seen before – and likely, unlike anything I will see again. The experience is still resonating in my heart even two weeks after seeing her show."

-Michael Evans / Program Manager - Government Relations Cleveland Clinic

The Artist:  

Award Winning Singer Songwriter, Angie Haze is more than just a one-woman band. She is a humanitarian whose driving force is to help the world find solace, value, unity and a safe haven through the power of art. Her songs are compelling and authentic with vocal arrangements that will move you to sing, unforgettable instrumentation that provokes goose bumps, and a sound so addicting you just can’t get enough. She has arranged and produced a collection of musically diverse, soul-deep songs. The uplifting message of her story never fails to inspire hope and change. She shares her art as a way to connect people, proving the importance of music for the individual and humanity as a whole.

Super Power:  

Bells around her ankles. A handmade tambourine shoe. Drums encircling her piano. A guitar, cowbell, melodica, and kazoo. This wildly skillful storytelling entertainer sings and simultaneously plays multiple instruments while capturing the hearts of all. 

The Foundation:  

This unique act is often complimented by a profound, energetic, family of Ohio’s most talented artists. The Angie Haze Project's memorable ensemble features 5 part vocal arrangements, mandolin, cello, saxophone, trumpet, bass, violin, flute, guitar, harmonica, various percussion instruments as well as dance and live painting. 

The Angie Haze Project’s diverse cast represents the Jewish community, the Filipino community, the Guatemalan community, the African American Community, the LGBTQ+ community, and the Eastern European Community. This brilliant American community and musical act of different religions, cultures, affiliations and economic backgrounds reflects the beautiful colors, sounds, and voices of their cultures. It clearly demonstrates their strength, love, and support for one another sharing this common ground of art.

The Extravaganza:  

With a heart wrenching, and thought provoking performance, this production leads the audience through a plethora of emotion and art. The organic, worldly chord progressions, folk tribal vocals, and syncopated rhythms of this distinct act make the crowd feel like they’re immersed in the goodness of true humanity.  

One’s eyes are sure to weld up. One’s heart is bound to skip beats. One’s mind is certain to be inspired. One’s body is destined to move and make positive change.


Angie Haze and filmmaker, Todd Volkmer are creating a series of stories from Haze’s life told through her songwriting with a corresponding music video entitled, "May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats."  

Although her story exposes and sheds light on some incredible heart ache about childhood sexual abuse, it is a story of immense strength, healing and hope. It is a story about mental health; and a story about unconditional love. Haze believes that the arts provide a safe haven for vulnerability: “Music saved my life and I want to share that with the world. Find refuge in music and art instead of escaping into drugs, alcohol or violence.” 

She hopes to show how powerful and liberating one’s life can be with simply discovering and believing their own inner strength from raw vulnerability. She is determined to provide that space within each video to inspire every viewer to seek, acknowledge, value, and share their own voice.

With every two music videos or "chapters" from this series, The Angie Haze Project will release an EP containing those songs as well as additional bonus material supporting the storyline. The Angie Haze Project will also perform a concert supporting each EP. There will be a total of 24 music videos and 12 Volumes / EPs.

They have recently released Volumes 1 - 4!  

Stay tuned and become a part of this heartfelt and inspirational journey of shared strength in vulnerability, an overwhelming gratitude for the arts, a newfound appreciation for self discovery, and power in storytelling.

The Stage:

Angie Haze has appeared at numerous venues and festivals all over the East Coast. She shared the stage with Grammy and Emmy-nominated producer David Mayfield during his "Strangers" Tour. As a part of The David Mayfield Parade, Haze performed with Jessica Lea Mayfield and opened for The Avett Brothers. The Angie Haze Project has had the honor and privilege to perform for Bernie Sanders, “Working Families Rally”. They also had the opportunity to open for six-time Juno Award Winner & Multi-Platinum Singer-Songwriter, Serena Ryder.  

The Angie Haze Project has made an impression on their hometown in Akron, Ohio. They have been featured on Fox 8 News, Western Reserve PBS, 91.1 WRUW, 91.3 The Summit, and WKSU/NPR Radio Stations. Performance venues include The Akron Civic Theatre, Lock 3, Goodyear Theater, Canton Palace Theatre, Kent State Stark University, EJ Thomas Hall, Musica, Jilly's Music Room, Beachland Ball Room, The Kent Stage, The House of Blues in Cleveland, Cleveland Pride Festival - Rock Hall Stage, Porch Rokr Festival, Square Fest, and many more.


2012: Haze The Vaudevillian ”The Addiction" EP 

2014: The Angie Haze Project “Heat to Cold” LP 

2016: The Angie Haze Project "Treasure Box Concert Live at Kent State Stark" LP

2017: Angie Haze Presents, “The Bigger Picture” featuring Miller South School for The Performing Arts DVD

2017: The Angie Haze Project, "Catching Bees With Honey" EP

2018: The Angie Haze Project, "May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats" Volume 1

2018: The Angie Haze Project, "May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats" Volume 2

2018: The Angie Haze Project, "May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats" Volume 3

2018: The Angie Haze Project, "May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats" Volume 4


Angie Haze - Production, Composition, Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Melodica, Percussion

Justin Tibbs - Saxophone

Gina Wilson - Cello, Dance

Rik Williger - Guitar, Flute, Mandolin, Harmonica, Keys, Bass

Brian Eger - Percussion

Meryl Hornyak - Vocals, Bass, Keys, Percussion, Omnichord, Hoop Dance

Chris Dudley - Coproduction, Vocals, Trumpet, Mandolin, Guitar, Bass, Piano

Rachel Osherow - Vocals, Percussion

Gracie Mervis - Violin

Andre Frazier - Vocals, Drums

Artist Management: Todd Volkmer -