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The Angie Haze Project


“A compelling, raw, and theatrical performance with a sound so addicting, you just can't get enough.”

ISC Finalist and Akademia Award Winning Songstress, Angie Haze is a one-woman band. Bells around her ankles. A handmade tambourine shoe. Drums encircling her piano. A guitar, cowbell, melodica, and kazoo. This wildly skillful Italian-American entertainer sings and simultaneously plays multiple instruments. 

This unique act is often complimented by a compelling cast of energetic vaudevillians who are some of Akron, Ohio's most talented musicians and artists. The Angie Haze Project's memorable ensemble features mandolin, cello, trumpet, saxophone, bass, violin, flute, guitar, harmonica, various percussion instruments, as well as dance and live painting. "Because of our organic worldly chord progressions and syncopated rhythms,” Haze says, “we make the crowd feel like they're the ones dancing with bells around their ankles!”

Haze is influenced by music styles from all over the globe. She has arranged and produced a collection of musically diverse, soul-deep songs. “Our performance is very authentic and raw,” Haze says. “Everything you hear comes straight from the very deepest parts of our beings.”

Haze is a strong, encouraging presence. The uplifting messages of her songs never fail to inspire hope and change. She shares her art as a way to connect people and prove the importance of music for the individual and humanity as a whole.

Angie Haze has appeared at numerous venues and festivals all over the East Coast. She shared the stage with Grammy and Emmy-nominated producer David Mayfield during his "Strangers" Tour. As a part of The David Mayfield Parade, Haze performed with Jessica Lea Mayfield and opened for The Avett Brothers.

The Angie Haze Project has made an impression on their hometown in Akron, Ohio. They have been featured on Fox 8 News, 91.3 The Summit, and WAKR Radio Stations. They received Grand Prize People's Choice Award for The High Arts Challenge.  Ohio performance venues include The Akron Civic Theatre, Lock 3, Goodyear Theater, Musica, Jilly's Music Room, G.A.R. Hall,  Beachland Ball Room, The Kent Stage, The House of Blues, Cleveland Pride - Rock Hall Stage, Canton Palace Theatre, and many more.


2012: Haze The Vaudevillian ”The Addiction" EP 

2014: The Angie Haze Project “Heat to Cold” LP 

2016: The Angie Haze Project Treasure Box Concert Live at Kent State Stark LP

2016: The Angie Haze Project “The Skin Horse” single from “May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats” (video album series)

2016: The Angie Haze Project “Follow” single from “May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats”

2016: The Angie Haze Project “Gingerbread Man” single from “May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats”

2017: Angie Haze Presents, “The Bigger Picture” featuring Miller South School for The Performing Arts DVD

2018: The Angie Haze Project, "May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats" Volume 1

2018: The Angie Haze Project, "May My Stories Be Worn Like My Coats" Volume 2


Angie Haze - Production, Composition, Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Melodica, Percussion

Justin Tibbs - Saxophone

Gina Wilson - Cello, Dance

Rik Williger - Guitar, Flute, Mandolin, Harmonica, Keys, Bass

Brian Eger - Percussion

Meryl Hornyak - Vocals, Bass, Keys, Percussion, Omnichord, Hoop Dance

Chris Dudley - Coproduction, Vocals, Trumpet, Mandolin, Guitar, Bass, Piano

Rachel Osherow - Vocals, Percussion

Gracie Mervis - Violin

Andre Frazier - Vocals, Drums

todd v. - Speed Painting, Video Production

Artist Management: Todd Volkmer - toddv@wastedtalentmedia.com